Rove Waui
Rove – Waui
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Rove – Waui

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Rove Waui is an Indica-dominant blend in its potent, fast-acting, and designed to deliver a premier nighttime cannabis vaping experience. This oil is a light golden-amber color and the flavor is a delicious blend of classic earthy-pine tastes, with hints of flowers and a little sweetness on the finish.

Classic and simple, with its tropical flavors and stress-relieving qualities, Waui is a vacation in every puff. Let the sweet pineapple and high-energy euphoria of this native Hawaiian strain wisp your creative spirit to beautiful places.

Rove Waui delivers a bubble-gum and banana vapor and a typically balanced high. You should expect to feel a clear head and social, so this pen is a good party companion. It can also help clear morning brain fog and get you settled in for the day, but the flavor isn’t popular with everyone so keep a chaser nearby.

Rove Waui


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