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Rove Tangie is pumped to offer this feisty Sativa – good for managing stress, minor body aches, and nausea. Let punch be the spark that lights the fire in your day, that brings the party to the people. TANGIE | SATIVA. Euphoria, happiness, and relaxation – these are the states that will slowly inundate your senses. This strain has strong, feel-good powers that tingle and motivate.

Rove Tangie

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14 reviews for Rove – Tangie

  1. David

    New Flavor = 🔥
    This new Tangie has such an amazing flavor profile. Pretty sure it’s their strongest cart out, and possibly the tastiest. Reminds me of those orange Flint Stones push pops you used to get from the ice cream truck when you were a little kid. Fuckin amazing!

  2. Emma

    fucking fire
    this wax pen cart is firee. i had a extra cart at home but decided to push the gamble of buying another cart for the fucks of it so i did and man this shit is like tangerine citrus with a fucking sativa high. blown away .

  3. Michelle H

    I usually stick to alpine live resin Girl Scout Cookies cart but decided to try the Rove carts. my friend was telling me they got her pretty lit and I’m so glad I picked this up; hits smooth af and taste is so true to the strain without being so pungent and overpowering. Nice high too

  4. Oliver C

    Again! Rove with a nice cart, maaan this tangie is very uplifting nice body high good stuff! you can taste tangerine with citrus type bud flavor so bomb!🤙

  5. Liam K

    So far this is my fav Sativa on the menu. Great taste and good daily med.

  6. Ave U

    Love it
    Great taste 😁

  7. Andrew I

    Tangie is AMAZING
    I’m usually not a big fan of sativas but oh man this Tangie sure did change my mind. The flavor is amazing and the high is perfect. I’d give it 6 stars if I could

  8. Isabella M

    That tangie is 💣💣
    Another great product 🍊🍊 taste is on point, if you need that tangie, this is it!

  9. Joseph Wamalwa

    Two 👍🏿👍🏿up!!! The citrus 🍊 flavor packs a 🥊 !!

  10. Samuel D

    orange bang
    taste so bomb like orange bang in your mezzy foe shezzy!!!

  11. Lucas Y

    it was just some messed up cartridges.
    rove stands behind their products. I like that. good company.

  12. Emilia

    Just pick one of these up yesterday and man! this shit got some punch! This flavor got power. And it hits like a heavy weight but it doesn’t knock you out instead it knocks you back up on your feet. For sure this tangie oil has lots of vitamin (C)annabis ;)

  13. Philippo

    Amazing High
    I’m new to WM for one reason and that is to share with everyone how much I love this new strain. I recently made a brand switch to Rove and so far I’m extremely pleased! Flavor is nice, not too overpowering, and most importantly…the high is amazing. It gets me faded real quick and keeps me up and happy :)

  14. Claus H

    Great new flavor
    Picked this up two days ago and damn it’s a great new flavor from Rove. Definitely one of my favorites.


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