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Rove Skywalker Cartridge sends your body to a galaxy of bliss that’s far, far away. Skywalker is a soothing Indica cultivar with physical relaxation and gentle ease that lasts for hours on end. Indulge in Skywalker’s berry-spiced flavors and pungently fruity aroma wherever life takes you, thanks to the ROVE Skywalker Cartridge

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17 reviews for Rove Skywalker

  1. Joshua Y

    This skywalker version is great! Smoooooth puffs

  2. Kevin F

    I’m not a fan of strong flavor, but this was perfect. A nice dark blueberry flavor delivers a smooth flavor that masks bitterness while not being too overbearing!

  3. Brian

    Dope product.
    I would recommend this to some friends.

  4. Timothy W

    It seems everyones stepping up their cartridge game and thankfully rove is with the front pack. Skywalker by rove is a well rounded highly addicting pleaser. The strain flavor is more than adequate with its taste being off mint with a dash of backend sweetness. The oil seems thicker then their other new oil and carts, but that may have helped as this cart lasted three days with heavy use. That makes this cart a slam dunk bargain. This is also definitely a sleep aid which you can feel the weight from the head down almost immediately. Recommendations on use during the day is questionable but if your tolerance is high then go for it. Quality oil, new dependable hardware and just a plain old understanding of what a product should be is what you will have waiting for you on the other side of this review. This is a keeper.

  5. Dorothy J

    My second favorite of Rove’s regularly stocked, flavor-enhanced cartridges (behind OG). The high is gentle and calming, perfect for an overly stressed lifestyle (I’m both a combat vet and attorney… two very stressful things to be). Everything melts away when I take a walk in the sky, as if from a dream like something long ago, or far, far away. This is one I always try to keep on hand. Luckily, it’s regularly released, so no need to worry if it’s out of stock. But it does tend to go quickly, so get it fast before it sells out again! If you like this one, try OG as well. Spectacular taste and consistent high for both.

  6. Edward M

    Def gets you UP there
    Strikes me as a cross of roves “KUSH” and roves “Dream” much like APE strikes me as a cross of OG with Dream. COOKIES being a happy medium of Relaxation and sedation. COOKIES and OG are almost more similar than SKY is with INDICAS. Which is why i compare it to the effects of DREAM/KUSH/APE. Its around that ballark. Definitely more body relaxation though cookies keeps anxiety more subdued than sky, sky affects pain greater than cookies. so you can see where certain indica aspects intersect and certain indica aspects fall off among the hybrids and indica roves respectively. Sky is like 1/2 body effect 1/2 mind. 100% more body effect than dream, but almost similar in mind enlightenment. Which is similar to ape as well. To each their own with the indica lines. I tend to favor prue terps so i go to OG, if not terps than how much i can notice the buzz OG for me is the most impactful INDICA this far, and ape as far as depth/range of effects. Kush and sky seem to kind of fall back, most likely due to my tolerance. Sky is like a cross of body activity(effect) og brings(not fully potent body effect as og)…….with some mind enlightenment similar to dream and ape.

  7. Solomon N

    Quality Indica
    First time trying this Skywalker from Rove, Potency first and foremost is on point you only need two hits to be put into a more tranquil state. The effects are fast acting and you feel the quality of the product. After puffing on this delicious cart for around 5-8min you feel relaxed, chill, super mellow with a nice central 3rd eye high you definitely feel like your in the clouds no worries what so ever. Excellent quality and very affordable.

  8. Carol

    This is the first cart I ever tried and it’s bomb! The hits are so smooth and the taste is amazing. I have a lot of trouble sleeping and starting hitting this at night and now I am getting the best sleep of my life! I highly recommend if you suffer from insomnia or just want to relax at the end of the day!

  9. Amanda V

    Evening inflammation relief
    This is truly like the glass of red wine to relax your tired feet. smells and tastes light with the sweet berry and citrus nose at the end that tickles ever so slightly. One of the evenings best.

  10. Melissa B

    Recommend This Mf
    This hoe hella fire yall on god this mf be having me feeling stupid good

  11. Deborah C

    I love this strain. Taste is amazing. As I am tying this review I keep forgetting what I am writing about. Great Indica. Nice body high but not too heavy. It’s really good :)

  12. Stephanie Q

    🔥Great Indica/pain relief 🔥
    Its not the flavor id expect from skywalker..thinking more like og flavor but this has a great grape taste to it. This is absolutely amazing as a pain reliever and will help u sleep like a baby. For me I did not feel it right away it was a creeper for me almost like train wreck. Youll take few rips n relax and next thing u know ull feel a heavy body feel and it just like a wave that just takes all the pain away and ur body feels like its floating on clouds. Its def a strain thats a must have. Grab your pillow and blanket and get ready for great nights rest. Dont expect to be able to smoke during the daytime unless u got nothing going on. 😊

  13. Rebecca Z

    Like a glass of good wine
    Love love the flavor like a berry wine to me. Very relaxing after a stressful drive or long day at work. Good light indica for a heavyweight.

  14. Jeffrey A

    Rove continues to improve their product and this Skywalker is a great example. Two hits of this great tasting cartridge and a couple minutes lets the indica to either couch lock you if you’re sitting or working with great intensity on any project you have going. Relaxed to the max.

  15. Ryan P

    tastes amazing. like blue kool-aid. and the high is nice and strong. im mexican and Indonesian. the strain works well with ppl with my genes

  16. Gary K

    Great flavor
    Skywalker is what I’ll be getting again. This is a high end product. But, shop around. There are cheaper places to go then what I see on this page.

  17. Eric D

    Hits hard
    This is my first time experiencing rove and I’m super impressed with the oil quality and taste. There’s a slight hint of fruity taste in this strain, but it just tastes so fresh. I recommend skywalker!!!!

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