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Rove Kush is an Indica-dominant blend, our Kush has fruity tasting notes with a smooth, mellow finish. The overall effect is calming and soothing, easing stress, muscle spasms, nausea, and pain. An Indica-dominant blend, our Kush has fruity tasting notes with a smooth, mellow finish. Also, you can buy Rove Cookies

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7 reviews for Rove – Kush

  1. Zlatan AR

    My Favorite Indica, true to form
    Straight OG straight Kush fast acting body and mind sedation This is a no thrills frills option via rove black box……no added flavors like kush(berry) or skywlaker(berry-grapeish) ape(grape)…..youre getting pure kush flavor and pure sedation that a usual gassy og will give you no mind action like an ape, no light headed/body feeling uplifed-ness of a sky or kush. Pure pirateship anchor OG………….pullin you into the depths. As a high tolerance consumer it is enjoyed to me as a way to disregard all “nonsense” and dig into a weekend drive/buzz/movie/snuggle, or straight up sleep aid. I only get this when i need a purely medicinal effect(og) out of my vaping experience which is rare……which is why i go for the ape or kush. BC they present some more mind activity or poppy fun buzz over the straight up OG.

  2. Paul HD

    Really enjoyed smoking this OG cart by Rove, the high this og delivered was what I was looking for something that would put me in relax mode after work. A few good puffs on this cart will put you in the right state of mind and settle you into relaxing evening after work. The flavor is nice and not overpowering the half gram cart lasted me about 4 days, I give it two thumbs up.

  3. Mark Smith

    I’ve been hitting the dispensaries for about 3 years now and I’ve gone from hating cartridges to digging them now. Rove are by far my favorite and the OG is so far my favorite. Granted I am a self admitted OG and Indica snob. Medically I would recommend it for extreme pain relief and insomnia.

  4. Woody A

    I’ve had over 10 different brands of vape carts. It can really be hit and miss with flavor/effect. This is the best vapor I’ve ever had, the flavor is outstanding. You can literally see the quality, the concentrate is really thick like a jell. Best of all you don’t get that shitty taste of the wick that the majority of vape carts use. Can’t wait to try more flavors!

  5. Genesis T

    OG Indica 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    My favorite OG cart great taste and high

  6. Brown S

    Wow!! This is by far my fav out of all the selection. I’m a Sucker for OG … this I will deff grab over and over! The potency is top notch but it’s the flavor! That taste of OG is super strong i love it!

  7. Marcel G

    The taste is like opening a bag of fresh OG nuggs and then stuffing your face into the bag. In my opinion it’s the most potent Rove cartridge. Gives a very strong head high and your body just melts away. Relieved my back pain and stress. Highly recommended!!!


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