Lucky Charms - Cereal Carts
Lucky Charms – Cereal Carts
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Lucky Charms – Cereal Carts

$30.00 $25.00


Full Gram Lucky Charms – Cereal Carts



Buy lucky charms Cereal Cartridge from We offer discreet delivery to your doorstep Via the mail. These Dank Vapes cartridges are amazing, strong distillates that I would recommend to anyone. From the distillate and its design to the oil, these carts are built with high quality.

Lucky Charms from Bodhi Seeds is potent hybridcross between The White and Appalachia. It may be named after breakfast cereal, but this strain tastes far more like tangy fruit than it does marshmallows.

With the flavor always exceeding your expectation, they will always surprisingly taste just as the package says. These carts have such a strong and rich, sweet taste. Order Lucky Charms Cartridge Online. Dank Vape Cartridge for sale Online.


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