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  1. Natalie P

    Can’t go wrong with GSC,
    Awesome delivery

  2. Bobby L.

    Loved this cartridge even bought one for my Hybrid loving brother from Alaska while he was visiting (sue me) he loved it to, was astounded with the packaging/taste/potency. 🕶

  3. Louis926

    Hits nice and smooth and got me baked as F

  4. Isabella836

    Oml this shit is the shit you wanna get I was high for like 5 hours after hitting this like 6 times of you gonna use pens use this!!!!

  5. Johnny R.

    Basically the high I need.. HH keep it lit

  6. Natalie863

    This battery is pretty good. Definitely not the best however mine made it through the washing machine and dryer and still works great. Maybe even better than before. Haha.

  7. Kinsley F.

    This battery was a blessing. I have a few batteries but this one I keep charged and in hand at all times.

  8. Claire N.

    I bought the original battery without button for $20 in 2017. Fat rips like a champ. The trick is to take two quick 1-second “warm up puffs”, then take your full hit. TRUST ME. Lasted a year, no problems. There was a slight issue with the charger not charging, but i just jiggle the usb around till it turns red and starts charging. The only reason it broke, I left it in a hot car like a dumbass. Oil got into it and effed it all up. Oh well

  9. Audrey X.

    Compared to the other cannabis vapes available, at around the same price, HH’s are above the rest, it’s consistent! The logo is awesome, but best of all, is the cold filtered process you use, solventless and pure. It’s very pleasing & appreciated. The quality exceeds the expected standards of the industry. I wish you all the luck you may need to continue competing in this great acceptance of truth about the incredible uses in the medical use of cannabis . 10/10

  10. Aaliyah H.

    The Best Battery Kit. I’m going to have to buy another of these. Thank you

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