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7 reviews for DANK VAPES – LEMON SKUNK

  1. Jonathan X

    Smoked a small bowl with my girlfriend and watched some Seinfeld. She got tired so we went to bed and you know I got that ass. Thanks, Lemon Skunk!

  2. Purlin083

    If you’ve read my other reviews, than you know my experience but for this review I am only reviewing a strain I have sampled, Lemon Skunk by DNA Genetics, from a local delivery service

  3. Larry C

    I really enjoyed this strain. I found myself to be quite giggly while using it. This strain is a must try! Pros: Happy Giggly Euphoric Feel your floating I got a random boner that can be described as “6,000 microscopic elves each collaborated to lift my penis ever so gracelessly. This strange event was about 13 minutes then proceeded to die off. Cons: Extremely minor head ache. Dry-mouth Obtaining a random uncontrollable erection. (this can also be described as a pro; however, if you are in a room with your 70 year old in-laws it is for sure a con).

  4. Cynthia Z

    🌺..This Skunky girl is sooo fine! A Wake & Bake favorite of mine. She gently takes me by the hand & pulls me from the quagmire. Her POSITIVE ENERGY lifts any Depression, Anxiety, even PTSD.!! Very Euphoric, Elevating, Ethereal. The deep lemoney flavour is smooth and sweet. My nugs are FRESH, med green with orange hair. “Lasts a Long Time”. I luv smoking delicious LS in my glass water HOOKA. also Verry nice in a “j” for Sat morn with hubby🤒 so I’m grateful I bought a half! May I suggest you taste this One for yourself? Be Well, Stay High, Legalize🌱..✌&JAH….

  5. Kathleen A

    My medical Lemon Skunk is called Lexikan, from Connecticut Pharmaceutical Solutions and comes in consistently around 31%. The intense high lasts for about 3 hours and then leaves you wonderfully sleepy. The flavor is fit for any gourmet, lemony and piney/skunky. This Lexican is much more of a Sativa.

  6. Albert

    Rolled this up in a bleezy and I swear to God, it lasted forever. Didn’t bother to look at the time because of it’s sweet pungent smell and how beautiful it looked grinded up. DANK strain I definitely recommend this for anyone looking to get a little lost in thought or creative with whatever your passion is.

  7. Justin X

    I love skunk as a strain and this variation of that particular strain does not disappoint at all. The buds are light and leafy which I like sometimes because the flavor ends up being better. It tastes fruity and does have the sour taste of lemons somewhat. The high is very energetic and heady which makes it great for anxiety and depression etc. I give this strain a 8/10 and recommend it to patients seeking a day time medicine for anxiety and or depression.

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